Microblading Advanced Latex Training Kit



Microblading Advanced Latex Training Kit is a practice kit for training microblading and shading techniques on latex.

This kit is suitable for beginners and advanced artists. It is designed for students and artists to practice and improve microblading and shading, as well as for advanced artists who want to try new patterns and techniques.

The kit contains:

- Latex: 6x double-sided printed latex practice skins with various shapes, created by the most experienced masters of the PhiAcademy.
- Tools: 10 disposable tools, each containing a microblading blade (304 Blade) and a shading needle (3R Blade).
- Practice Pigment: Practice Ink for exclusive use on latex.
- 3D latex pad which provides a realistic practice feel.
- 10 pigment rings for easy application of the pigment.
- 5 Phi Wipes for cleaning the pigment on the latex.

With the Microblading Advanced Latex Training Kit you will perfect your skills and learn new spines and techniques!

** Attention: The products are not sterile! Only suitable for practising on latex!


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