Permanent MakeUp Phi Box




The Permanent MakeUp Phi Box equips you with the essential tools necessary for crafting perfect PMU eyebrows, lips, and eyes. It includes both printed and unprinted latex for practice, making it suitable for both beginners and seasoned professionals to practice new techniques or perfect existing ones.

The Permanent MakeUp Phi Box contains:

1x PhiContour Coral SUPER 5ml 1x PhiContour Flame SUPER 5ml 1x PhiContour Nude Light SUPER 5ml 1x PhiContour Flamingo SUPER 5ml 1x PhiContour Fuchsia SUPER 5ml 25x Phi Tattoo After Care Gel 5ml 1x PhiContour Midnight Black SUPER 5ml 1x PhiContour Thinner SUPER 10ml 1x PhiContour Latex Printed Lips 1x PhiContour Latex Printed Eyes 3x Practising Latex blank 1x Drawing Pencil Black 1x Drawing Pencil Red 1x Marker Pen White 5x Phi Wipes MakeUp Remover 5x Phi Wipes Asept 50x Ink Cup



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