Phi Artist Machine




The ultimate affordable solution. Quality made simple, compact & affordable.

We created a machine that gives you premium results at a budget-friendly price, perfect for artists who are just stepping into the world of machine PMU. Quick Facts: 
  • Perfect for new artists
  • 3 mm stroke length
  • Voltage: 4-12
  • Variable hertz: 25-120 pulses/second
  • Ultra-light at 90g
  • Wired
  • Takes universal PMU cartridges
  • Compact & quiet
Check if this machine is the right one for you - get all the details in our shopping guide. ✔ Minimal skin damage. The 3 mm stroke length is the perfect compromise between effective pigmentation & minimal skin damage, even if you’re still perfecting your technique. ✔ Maximum needle control. Direct drive ensures that needle penetration is controlled by the engine directly. Perfect precision, little to no vibrations, silent operation. ✔ Balanced engine power. The 12V output, 11 200 speed custom German motor provides impactful operation, yet stays manageable for newer artists. ✔ Extremely light, extremely thin. At just 90 grams and 23 mm diameter at its widest point, the Phi Artist is ergonomic and has great maneuverability, which allows newer artists to focus on perfecting their technique instead of grappling with their equipment. ✔ Affordable price point. Phi Artist is a great option for training and practice, taking your first clients, and building your skills. It allows you to get started without a huge initial investment, while still delivering quality results. Up to 4 mm needle hang adjustability: Control your pigment output & work efficiently with any formula. Low vibrations. Virtually silent: High-tech German engineering ensures minimal vibrations from the engine. Voltage variability ensures versatility: With their wide voltage ranges, you have maximum control over all 3 machines. Thin & Lightweight: 90 grams. 23 mm at its widest point. The pen-shaped design is perfect for newer artists who need maximum maneuverability to build their skills.  Aircraft aluminum body: Sturdy, scratch-proof, durable. Besides being stylish, it’s also better for the environment with its reduced plastic content. Ergonomic and elegant: Whether you choose the thin, pen-shaped Artist, or the sturdier Royal or Master, the ergonomic grips ensure less hand fatigue.  


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