Phi Royal Machine




Your stepping stone to mastery. Advanced technology for intermediate artists.

Take your skills to a new level with the Royal, perfect for artists who want a more advanced machine that’s still simple, manageable, and easy to use.
Quick Facts:
  • Perfect for artists who want to transition into using more advanced equipment
  • 3.5 mm stroke length
  • High torque at low speed
  • Voltage: 4-12
  • Variable hertz: 25-120 pulses/second
  • Battery or power supply operation (power supplier must be bought separately here)
  • 162g with battery, 110g with power supply
  • 2 interchangeable batteries
  • 800mAh batteries
  • Takes universal PMU & tattoo cartridges
Check if this machine is the right one for you - get all the details in our shopping guide.Efficient against skin elasticity. A powerful engine that conquers skin elasticity on all skin types without causing trauma. ✔ Precision for all techniques. Excellence for hair strokes. The custom German engine gives a high torque at low speeds - exactly what you were missing for hair strokes. ✔ Versatile power thanks to the 3.5 mm stroke length. A longer yet balanced stroke ensures consistent & reliable pigment implementation with the best possible retention. ✔ Impeccable precision for intricate work. Longer stroke + direct drive guarantees maximum control over the needle, so you can create clear pixels or soft blends. ✔ Integrated battery or power supplier - whichever you prefer. The Royal machine comes with 2 interchangeable batteries, but you also have the option to buy a power supplier to get rid of excess weight. The Royal helps you get used to more advanced equipment.  Wireless machines are weightier, which can be a challenge if you’re not used to it. The Royal gives you the option of switching between using the integrated battery and a wired power supplier. Battery operation means more weight: 162 g Power supply operation makes it much lighter: 110g Either way, we packed a powerful engine into the smallest footprint possible, with a weight as low as possible. Up to 4 mm needle hang adjustability: Control your pigment output & work efficiently with any formula. Low vibrations. Virtually silent: High-tech German engineering ensures minimal vibrations from the engine. Voltage variability ensures versatility: With their wide voltage ranges, you have maximum control over all 3 machines. Lightweight - even with the battery: Unlike many machines on the market, the new Phi machines are light even with their integrated batteries. This means better balance. Aircraft aluminum body: Sturdy, scratch-proof, durable. Besides being stylish, it’s also better for the environment with its reduced plastic content. Ergonomic and elegant: Whether you choose the thin, pen-shaped Artist, or the sturdier Royal or Master, the ergonomic grips ensure less hand fatigue.


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