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If you are a PhiBrows or BoldBrows Artist, you can get the PhiBrows SUPER pigments at a special price. To access this, log into your customer account and upload your certificate.

After years of research and dedication, our SUPER Pigments launched onto the beauty market.

SUPER Pigments have set new standards in the fields of microblading, PMU and tattoo industries. 

How does the microblading pigment process work?

During the microblading process, small incisions are made into the skin with the blade strokes. The pigment is then ‘implanted’ into the eyebrow skin region. 

The SUPER Pigment formula includes a bioinert coating, which prevents any unwanted substance being released into the body. This adds an extra layer of defense against pigment migration.

As body recognises the pigment as a foreign body, the pigment will fade from the color intensity seen within a few days of initial treatment. 


SUPER Pigments have set new standards in the industry:

·         Clean and stable pigment

·         Non-magnetized

·         No separation of components

·         No oily film

·         True to color, even on oily skin

·         Shorter healing time post-treatment

The pigment color should be chosen according to the natural hair color of the client.

Brown 1: Naturally blonde or light brown hair
Brown 2: Naturally brunette hair
Brown 3: Dark brown, almost black natural hair color
Golden Brown: Extremely light natural hair color
Fox: Naturally red pigmented hair color

Black, Red and Yellow pigments are able to be mixed together to create all shades mentioned above. It is important to refer closely to microblading color theory to achieve this.
For more information, check out PhiShop's Pigment Guide.

We ensure that our pigments meet all the requirements for ingredients as specified by the new EU Pigment & Tattoo Ink Regulation 2022.

*Please be aware, the color displayed may not exactly match with the pigment in real life, due to variations of color grading displayed on screens.


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