Needleless Injection Pen + extra adapter



Professional Needleless Injection Pen

PhInjection Pen is an innovative device for cosmetic treatments that works with the principal of injection-free administration of hyaluronic fillers, bringing  the process of wrinkles smoothing and lip volume augmentation to a whole new level.

Phi Injection Pen doesn’t contain needles, but it sprays (atomizes) the cosmetic preparation with the hyaluronic acid under pressure. Hyaluronic acid is evenly distributed in the epidermis and attracts water molecules leading to very rapid alleviation of lines and wrinkles.

The even distribution of the preparation is another advantage over the previous methods. The effect is immediately visible. You will notice that, unlike other devices on the market, Phinjection Pen doesn’t have lever. Precisely because of the application of innovative technology in the pen mechanism, distribution of the preparation is faster, easier, more efficient and precise. Works in synthesis with hyaluronic acid fillers, for durable results and long lasting satisfaction.

Kit contains:
1x PhInjection Pen


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